Always Read Vehicle Transport & Freight Reviews before You Hire


Many of you must be moving to a different city or state for joining your new job or want to settle down in a certain new city. Whatever may be the reason, while moving to a different location, you need to hire movers to shift all your belongings.

However, your vehicle, which is one of your most expensive possessions needs a suitable car shipping service. Therefore, you need to be very careful while selecting your service provider.

Ship A Car, Inc. is one of the most reliable companies operating in the USA for quite a long time and has a wide transport network all over the country. Besides this, many other companies also do exist.

However, before choosing your vehicle transporter for a new location, it will always be prudent to check the reputation of the company and also be aware of the customer’s feedback about the company, so that you may not have to regret it later.

There are quite a few vehicle transport companies exist that may often try to manipulate the customer’s review and hence it becomes too difficult to know which reviews are genuine and which are not.

Therefore, we will try to help you with this article by providing you with some relevant tips, so that you can confidently select your service provider. 

The following are a few things that you need to check before you choose your vehicle shipping company.

  • Website integrity

If you have found the review from any unfamiliar/unknown website then you cannot trust the review particularly if it is a positive one.

  • Number of reviews

If you find too many reviews written within a few days then you must suspect the reviewer, particularly if it is positive review.

  • Language

If the language of the reviewer sounds more like marketing and promotion of a certain company, then it cannot be trusted.

  • Anonymous reviews

Make sure that the reviewer has given his identification and not submitted his comment and review anonymously.

  • Fake accounts

If you found reviews on social media, then check the profiles of the reviewers. Ensure that the photo and the account history are genuine. 

  • Overly positive reviews

If the review looks too much unrealistic and talks too positively about everything about the service provider then it is surely a fake review. 

  • Grammar and mistakes

Generally speaking, you should not anticipate flawless language and punctuation in all genuine reviews. However, if you find that the majority of reviews for an auto transporter contain many errors and omit crucial details, you should proceed with caution.

How will you decide finally?

By now you must have read several reviews, some were positive and quite a few negative too. Try to read between the lines of each review. 

Whether it has addressed all the concerns that you have? Whether the reviewer was in a similar situation as you are? Did the review say how the transporter contacted the reviewer?

Looking at all that, you can differentiate between a genuine review and a fake review. The review must sound more genuine where most of the issues faced by the reviewer must be present.