Qualities of a part-time domestic helper


You have the option of going international and hiring an 印傭 or locally getting a part-time domestic helper. The part-time helper is the domestic helpers who provide the housekeeping services to employers at short periods and on specific days and times. They are the type who work for a variety of employers and in different families and houses. 

If you don’t want a foreign domestic helper, then a part-time local domestic helper will come in handy for you. Before hiring, you need to have a rough idea of what a quality part-time domestic helper. 

The following are the characteristics to look out for in a part-time cleaner or part-time helper.

One that can finish her duties in the shortest time, efficiently

Because part-time maids are temporal, they tend to work efficiently in the shortest time possible. A part-time cleaner will pay close attention to details and will not leave any corner uncleaned.  One that is quality will see that all her duties have been accomplished well before leaving the house of the employer.

Implements and understands instructions 

Part time means that most of the time, the maid will be new in a home. While an 印傭who is a live-in have an adjustment time when they get employed, the part-time maids don’t have such a luxury. 

Their mindset is to do things very fast and in the shortest time possible and it has to be in an efficient manner. A good part-time domestic helper will have the ability to ensure instructions are understood or if she gets confused, ask clarification from the employer.

 Very attentive

If the part-time domestic helper is attentive to instructions being given as well as feedbacks, then you should consider her to be a good one. She doesn’t have a language barrier with you as she comes from the locality of the employer.  

She takes notes and writes down feedbacks that she uses to ensure that she improves herself. She does the communication with her employer, and there is no time for her to be shy and lets her employer understands the problems she has encountered. 

A good part-time domestic worker ensures to respond respectfully to her employer and suggests useful ideas.


Allowing a stranger to working in your home requires that you trust her. The main thing for a quality domestic helper for part-time is honesty, professionalism, and trust. She might not have time to understand her employer very well, but she ensures that respect prevails by not stealing from them and respecting their privacy.

As a good part-time domestic worker, she will understand that everything in her employee’s house, from a single spoon to the furniture are very precious to the owner and that she has to handle them with great care. 

If you are considering a part-time domestic helper, then you should ensure that they possess all or most of the above points so that you are assured of quality in their work. They have to be in a position to offer to you household chores routines and daily organization that is above par.